Part of our mission is to bring more awareness to swing dancing in Romania. 

To bring dancers, musicians and the general public together into learning about the different facets of swing. 

We aim to constantly educate ourselves, so every partnership will reflect the journey we ourselves have been going through up to that moment. 

If you are an artist, a band, a brand or an event organizer and you wish to bring swing to your stage, let’s explore how we can work together. 

Think of a collaboration with us if you have in mind something like:

  • A performance consisting of both choreographed and improvised moments
  • A music and dance show with both live band and a group of dancers 
  • A moment of improvisation for your guests to join 

The Jazz Roots Bucharest Troupe is a group of amateur and passionate dancers who have been dedicating their time to learning and developing their dancing in the last 2 - 8 years. 

The troupe is composed of individuals who can perform either couples dancing (Lindy Hop, Charleston) or Solo Jazz moments.

Depending on their format, shows can vary from short choreographed moments (1-2 songs) to a 20-30 minutes mix of choreographies and improvisation. 

If you’d like us to work together, leave a message in the form below. We would love to hear from you.

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